Saturday, February 09, 2002

A Job Well Done!

Congrats to everyone for a job well done! Everyone did an admirable job at the HAMUN. Now that it is over we need to rest, recover, and look ahead to the future. Out of state and even overseas MUN conventions are possibilites for the summer (as spring break is far too soon to try anything). We need to meet again sometime to discuss possible conventions and plans for the future of the club. I will post scanned resolutions (thanks to Jenn) from the HAMUN on the site so everyone can read them. I am still working on the contact list as well. Now that we no longer need DRC specific news links, I will simply post links to interesting (hopefully) news articles and random stuffArticle Links :
  • Nothing today!

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Small Update

Tomorrow will be the first MUN convention for our team. I wish everyone luck in their respective committies.
Go DRC! We still need one person to drive us back on Friday evening. Other than that there seems to be no more problems concerning the trip to the HAMUN conference. I will try to update the side menu on the site to include contact information (i.e. email addresses) for members of our club. If someone does not want their email address to be posted please email me.

DRC News links :

  • - Not exactly recent news; a scanned UN resolution dated from May 2000, concerned with the fighting in the DRC.
  • - A new (and quite informative) DRC website.

Tuesday, February 05, 2002


We still need at least one person to drive to the HAMUN on Thursday and Friday. We will probably meet at Jenn's house on both days before driving into Houston. There is a dress code and a code of conduct. The guidelines can be found at It is critical that we find another person to drive, otherwise we will be unable to field a complete team.

DRC News links :

  • - DRC Defense Minister has asked the United Nations to intervene in the widening war in the DRC
  • - Captured ADF Rebel Commanders Admit Total Defeat
  • - Belgium apologises for the 1961 assassination the DRC's first prime minister